SITAB, a project with international scope

Sitab is a company that designs and patents made-to-measure partitioning systems with an international projection.

Its design team projects spaces with intelligent work fluxes, enabling today’s offices gain a futuristic, warm and environment friendly nature by designing products that end up returning to the biosphere at the end of its lifecycle.

Thus, Sitab positions itself as one of the most sustainable and regenerative with nature companies.

Programming and Bespoke Software


Innovate & Inspire

Sitab needed to create a completely hierarchized and tailored client zone so their distributors and clients could share documentation.
The GuGo Creative programming team developed a customized software for clients that enables to assign licenses both for documentation as well as for folders and users that has implied a significant retrenchment of time and expenses.

Web and mobile app Development


Sitab turned to GuGo Creative to embody in its web site what they have attained in the workspaces they design: they needed do create a web site where the ecological values of the company were reflected; where the design furnished unity to the set of ideas; where the user could navigate guided by his intuition adding quality to his experience.

He key points were two:

To show technical and image catalogues in an effective way: Sitab features a wide product catalogue that proves its high technical and design characteristics. In this sense it was necessary to create a simple and light way to present catalogues, so the user could effectively and directly find the information he is looking for. Through some technical implementations created expressly for Sitab, the expert team of GuGo accomplished to offer the client what they have been pursuing for so long.

Create an utterly customized layout, so much so, that GuGo Creative team delivered a completely bespoke web site, from the first to the last letter. Each option, each column, each textbox, each image… absolutely the entire web site configuration was designed to cover the real needs of the client transforming the web in a fluent information stream between Sitab and its clients.

In this way GuGo Creative accomplishes another triumph by reaching the demanding goals that our client marked for us from the beginning.

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