Royme, the development of a project 360º

Royme S.L. is a company devoted to the commercialization of standardized elements for the mold and die sector, as well as all kinds of industrial supply for the manufacture of dies for automotive machinery and springs, nitrogen cylinders, awls, steel springs, etc.

Approach for programming and customized software

Royme decided that the time for evolving their business had come by offering their clients an added value when configuring their bespoke awls, with the purpose of saving time and unnecessary costs both to their clients as well as to the programming and orders management department. For this reason GuGo Creative propounded to create an online awl configurator so that the client himself could design his product according to his particular needs. We carried out a development in Symphony for industrial parts configuration based in a system of previous choices. The results started to show form the first moment, confirming that the initial investment resulted in a cost saving in the long term.

Approach for SEM and SEO positioning

Despite of being a large company worldwide renowned by its clients in several spots of the orb, its online presence didn’t rise to the circumstances. There were several factors that were hindering this situation: Outdated web, lack of descriptions, lack of focusing the content to the real user… There was a lot of work to do. We started inquiring the most important terms of the mold and die sector and we found the keys to start a strategy completely focalized in being more visible for the users that required Royme’s services. In 5 months we attained spectacular results. We reached the goals stated at the beginning of the campaign, displaying Royme in the first results positions of Google in all the proposed searches. Nowadays Royme is the number one against their competitors, with a rise in ranking of 100%, thanks to the work performed by SEO team of GuGo Creative.

Approach for Web and mobile app Development

Given its profile, Royme demanded very specific features regarding design, and especially, regarding navigation, being especially important the technical catalogue and image display. Thereby, the team of developers of GuGo Creative worked intensely to create a HTML web completely customized for the client in a record time. Three proposals were designed in Photoshop and when the client opted for one of them we proceeded to build the web from scratch. Thus, we accomplished what the client needed so much: a more effective way of showing their clients their catalogues and navigating through their products.

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