Web Development y eCommerce

Fringomania Showroom


The exclusive distributor of brands as American Vintage, Alfred & Sisters or Verenice among others, features pronounced marks of quality, trend and lifestyle. Garments and accessories of prestigious international firms, mainly French, feed its exclusive showroom where nothing is by chance and everything is carefully selected. Years of experience and the continuous eagerness of a big team of professionals looking for the latest tendencies is what characterizes Fringomania Showroom and its brands.


Approach for Web and mobile app Development

The distributor decided to get down to work to offer their clients a web site up to the level of their business and brands and therefore to reposition its image in the new digital era. GuGo Creative presented a revolutionary proposal in which we had to create a web site from scratch. Our programming and layout team designed a project in WordPress aimed to friendly navigability both for PC and Smartphone. We minded every millimeter of lines, each color mark, each picture focus, every letter and every effect. Everything must be kept up to the style and elegance that depicts Fringomanía and its brands. The passion and commitment that GuGo Creative team provided to this project transformed it into another one of our badge projects.asión y entrega que el equipo de GuGo Creative otorgó a este proyecto convirtió un trabajo más en uno de nuestros proyectos insignia.



GuGo Creative team developed Fringomanía’s eCommerce exclusively for distributors. It has very particular characteristics: they place orders so that Fringomanía delivers directly to them. The eCommerce developed by our experts has enabled distributors of Fringomanía a much faster, thrifty and effective management when placing orders and has saved time, communication and logistics expenses.

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